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You can choose from eight models within a wide range of equipment and facilities. Sting-boats have a great advantage with its wide range of accessories.

Model Sting boats 485 S


This compact STING 485S whose console is placed forward so behind the driver is an extra bank posted.

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Model Sting boats 530


A modern sporting console boat Max. 100 HP. A tough console boot with excellent sailing properties.

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Model Sting boats 535 Pro

STING 535 pro

New is the no-nonsense Fisch working boat the STING 535 PRO; for professional use ore just for fun.

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Model Sting boats 600 Pro

STING 600 Pro

The STING 600 Pro is a bigger 600 Edition of our popular best seller 535 PRO. With higher freeboard and larger deck space, you can take a longer fishing trips in tougher sea.

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Model Sting boats 610 S


The Sting 610 S is a boat with large interior volume in the cockpit, thanks to the generous beam of 2.37 meters.

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Model Sting boats 610 DC


Sting 610 DC offers much space and smart solutions. Sun bed and ski tow hook are standard. 610 DC is optimized for nice and fun trips with family and friends.

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Model Sting boats 610 BR


Sting 610BR is the winner of the powerboat of the year award 2017.

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Model Sting boats 630 FT

STING 630 Fast Track

The Sting 630 fast track is a modern sports (fishing) cabin boat for maximum 150 hp. It offers practical solutions and has good space for the accommodation of 2 adults and 2 children.

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Model Sting boats 730 FT

STING 730 Fast Track

The STING 730 fast track is our latest novelty for the season 2018. The Sting 730 fast track is suitable for the fishing trips with the guys, or for family trips.

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